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If you are looking for books of Radical & Social Significance, you've found the right place. Find featured used, rare, and out of print books with a focus on radical politics, unions and the Labor movement, Marxist thought, Anarchism, Socialism, and literary works from the fringe, like the Beats and other radical poets.

You’ll find first editions of books by and about Emma Goldman, Vernon Richards, Rudolf Rocker, and Mikhail Bakhunin.

Here are some of the most interesting titles on fiction and non-fiction titles related to these topics, available for purchase from an independent bookseller:

Biblio: Modern Literature, Counter Culture, The Vietnam War, Radical & Social Movements, Labor

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The 1960s were a passionate time in America. Even with the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X, the Civil Rights movement grew. The Cuban missile crisis sent school children kneeling under their school desks with the threat of nuclear attack during the Cold War. There was a shared sense of wonder from seeing man set foot on the moon but a shared horror from the global conflicts on the rise. A surging tide of young people said that they wouldn't settle for the same old scene and the ensuing Vietnam Anti-War movement and the rise of the hippie subculture shaped the face of the nation.