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-- Morningtown Pizza Collective. Morningtown Pizza Collective; Stan Iverson,et al, Anarchists...
1969 -- First collective anarchist pizza made as Morningtown Pizza & Subs opens in Seattle, Washington.
Kevin Cunningham, David Jensen (Kid Carrot), Tom Nast, Shawn Crowley, Carol Anderson, Ace, BleedMeister (aka "Mr. (PH)un"), Gus Hellthaler, Tina Wolfe, Claudia Neva, Dan Brown, Stan Iverson, Cranky John Severin, Doug Dipple, Diane Kucera, Jim Logie, Ben, Gregor Jamrock, Tom Ninkovitch, Jeffrey Hummel, Warren Argo, The Pammer, Celia, Lana, Tom Harris (Samot), John Webster (who paid himself in advance, he always announced, in case he died), Bill & Cathy, Shana Iverson (like father, like daughter), Al Arnold, John Turnbow (aka Strongbow), Albert Richards, Phil Arnatoff, Kermit Rosen, Dave Dederer (later band member of All the Dead Presidents), Tia Matthias, Steve Coleman, Tom Strangland, Albert Richards, & Wilma who work & play here in its 10+ years -- where one case of beer per shift was the limit during "working" hours.

  • "Pizza & Anarchism", from the Seattle Sun, July 27, 1977

    "Morningtown: Morningtown pizza, a counter-culture pizza joint that was located for many years in the U District, between Roosevelt and 12th, just north of the University Bridge."

    ---A Seattle Lexicon

    "In the folk tradition, Carter & I had not played for years, but we dug out the guitars & set up the mics & tried to remember how to play stuff we had made up about 10 years before. Isn't that a cool sounding compressor on the Mosrite? It was home-made by Ed Streeter (on a totally funky hand etched circuit board that looks like it was layed out using electrical tape & an exacto knife). He gave it to me in the parking lot in front of Morningtown Pizza in about 1969. I've still got it, buried under a pile of other stuff on my electronics bench.

    ---Joe Breskin

    David The Minstrel, Troubadour Extrodinaire!!, also played at Morningtown,

    David is active in 2002 & has his own page with up-to-date contact, information here:

  • Morningtown Ride by Malvina Reynolds

    C                                         F      C      C7

    1. Train whistle blowin' makes a sleepy noise

    F                   C             Dm7 F         G7          (C)

    Underneath their blankets go all the girls and boys

    C7 F C C7

    Rockin', rollin', ridin' out along the bay

    F C Am G7 C G7

    All bound for Morningtown many miles away

    2. Driver at the engine, fireman rings the bell
    Sandman swings the lantern to say that all is well

    3. Maybe it is raining, where our train will ride
    All the little trav'lers are warm and snug inside

    4. Somewhere there is sunshine, somewhere there is day
    Somewhere there is Morningtown, many miles away
    All bound for Morningtown, many miles away.

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