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Martha plaque
Two billion of these Marthas once lived in eastern North America.

Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street (1972) 
Samuel Fuller

(PG, Action/Adventure, 1 hr 42 min, Color) 
Summary: A government agent double & triple-crosses politicos by planting incriminating evidence on them in this pre-Watergate paranoia-fest. 
 Oliver J. Pigeon's Homepage!!! Tons of links.
Baby Max, by James Koehnline


The Dead Pigeon River 
Did Champion International's Dioxin Pollution
Create a "Widowsville" in North Carolina?

By Anna Manzo & Scott Harris

Even as a five-year-old in 1947, Mary Woody knew there was something wrong with the Pigeon River, which flowed behind her great-grandfather's home in Hartford, Tennessee. "It had foot-high white foam floating along the top, was brown in color and smelled like rotten eggs," Woody says. "But now it's not the smell that bothers us; it's the dioxin."
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?Passenger pigeon

"When an individual is seen gliding through the woods and close to the observer, it passes like a thought, and on trying to see it again, the eye searches in vain; the bird is gone."
John J. Audubon, on the Passenger Pigeon.
 Gone Forever From the Face of the Earth

"Extinction is Forever"

 Her name be Martha: 

Probable false sighting:

Texass: Scientific and Common Names of Texas Doves & Pigeons

Columbiformes -- Doves & Pigeons   E. migratorius Linnaeus 1766 -- Passenger Pigeon EXTINCT

Passenger Pigeon
-Ectopistes migratorius

Passenger Pigeons

Slowly the passenger pigeons increased, then suddenly their numbers

Became enormous, they would flatten ten miles of forest

When they flew down to roost, & the cloud of their rising

Eclipsed the dawns. They became too many, they are all dead

Not one remains...

---Robinson Jeffers

This exhibit was created with specimens from the Museum's collection.

Like the Dodo, it is a vivid reminder of extinction caused by humans.

How far may we go astray? It seems that the military pigeons of those days were stronger & had a greater tenacity than our modern race pigeons. The military pigeons had to accomplish their duty in the most difficult circumstances : bad weather, flying at nig different home lofts, shower of bullets ... All pigeons (AB) used during the wars are heros. Pigeons are more trustworthy than modern technology. We can take them everywhere we go, they will always accomplish their duty. Animals never betray.

A complete list of pigeons awarded "THE DICKEN MEDAL"



Pynchon fans, you might refer to his treatment of the extermination
of the Dodo in Gravity's Rainbow.

 The Condor Sports Bar, San Francisco, Authentic North Beach Barbary Coast bar. Former home of Carol Dodo, Queen of the Topless. Topless Museum, full bar featuring draft beers, fresh-roasted & brewed Italian coffee drinks, great windows for people watching, & sports bar section with pool tables. Open daily until 2 am.

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