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// -- Anarchist Encyclopedia: PARIS UPRISING FRANCE MAY 1968 May 21

Paris Uprising 1968
Uprising, Paris & France 1968

May 21, 1968

1968 - France '68: The 'Workers-Students Action Committee-Citroen' forms. Its primary task is to connect the 'student movement' with the workers of the Citroen automobile plants in & around Paris.

Events develop faster than the so-called revolutionary vanguard partys or the rightwing reactionaries can keep up with. Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader General de Gaulle, for example, denounces the 'infantile disorder' that has swept the country -- but that infantile disorder now includes more than six million strikers!

Paris France Uprising 1968 "A strike committee representing the workers of the Citroen plants called for a strike of unlimited duration. The factory owners immediately called for 'state powers to take the measures which are indispensable for the assurance of the freedom of labor and free access to the factories for those who want to work.'" ("Le Monde," May 23)

---Fredy Perlman