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// -- Jean Arp Page, from Daily Bleed Sinners

The air is a root.
The stones are filled with tenderness.bravo.
bravo. the stones are filled with air.
the stones are watery branches.
on the stones replacing the mouth
grows the skeleton of a leaf.bravo.
A stoe voice face to face and foot to foot
with a stone glance.
the stones are tormented like flesh
the stones are clouds for their second
nature dances to them on their third nose.
when the stones scratch themselves, nails grow
on the roots.bravo.bravo.
the stones woke to eat the exact


Jean Arp

Jean Arp, sculptor, painter, poet, collage maker, & a leader of the short-lived/eternal & very important movement known as DADA in Zurich. With Max Ernst, a leader of Dada in Cologne, & in 1923 he visited the founder of the parallel one-man movement, MERZ, Kurt Schwitters in Hanover. Arp participated in the first Surrealist exhibition in Paris in 1925, but left that movement to found Abstraction-Creation in 1931. Born Hans Arp, in Strasbourg, Alsace, June 6 1887; died 1966.


"The seven head lengths of beauty have been cut off one after the other but nevertheless man acts as if he were a being that vegetates outside of nature. industriously he adds seven to black in order to get thereby another hundred pounds of chatter."

Jean (Hans) Arp was married to Sophie Taeuber, with whom he collaborated, as he also did with Ernst, with Schwitters, with El Lissitzky. He visited the United States in 1949 & in 1950, executed a huge relief for Harvard & a mural for UNESCO. He won the international prize for sculpture at the Venice Biennale in 1954.


Arp & Lissitzky defined Isms in Art just at the time Dada was morphing into Surrrealism. This is how they defined Dada:

"Dadaism has launched an attack on the fine arts. It has declared art to be a magic opening of the bowels, administered an enema to the Venus of Milo, & finally enabled Laocoon & Sons to ease themselves after a thousand-year struggle with the rattlesnake. Dadaism has reduced positive & negative to utter nonsense. It has been destructive in order to achieve indifference."

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