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Richard Huelsenbeck; source: SAINT RICHARD HUELSENBECK, April 23

Dada drummer of Berlin & Zurich. Marches to a Different Drummer, in-deed.

April 23, 1892 --Richard Huelsenbeck (1892-1974) lives, Frankenau, Hessen, Germany. Late in life he lived in New York under the name of Charles R. Hulbeck & practised Jungian psycho-analysis. Took a prominent part in the foundation of the Zürich & Berlin dada movements. He was an expressionist poet & writer & arguably one of the great pre-Y2K drummers.

Hugo Ball wrote of him, in his "Escape from Time," on 11 February 1916:

"Huelsenbeck has arrived. He pleads for an intensification of rhythm (Negro rhythm). He would best love to drum literature & to perdition."

Edited the "Dada Almanach" in Berlin in 1920 & wrote "En Avant Dada," a history of dadaism in the same year. The author of numerous other dada publications. He claimed throughout his life that "dada is still existing," thus placing himself in direct opposition to the other founders of dadaism.

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