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The Daily Bleed's Ultimate Worksheet for Max Ernst

Max Ernst Lives!, Collage by James Koehnline A "selective listing" of Max Ernst resources, from Wild Bill Koehnline, who amassed this 13 page collection of materials & most of the information on the Saint Max Ernst Page as well!

Links, organized in Timeline fashion, for planned inclusion in the Max Ernst Saint Page, & in the Daily Bleed. Since this is such a nice resource/collection of image locations & links, we are making this available as is. Please note that this is a "draft". We will be cleaning up some errors, fixing some links, etc.


0402 Max Ernst The 2nd of April (1891) at 9:45 a.m. Max Ernst had his first contact with the sensible world, when he came out of the egg which his mother had laid in the eagle's nest and which the bird had brooded for seven years.

--, One-paragraph biography EuroDada Archive

--, Dates, 1 sentence, list of ten images The International Dada Archive, U. of Iowa Libraries

--, six bullets . . . Factoids - --, quotes, 2 pp. Vice of Surrealism

--, by Nick Burton http://www.suite biography, mentions:

Ambiguous Object (1919)
The Chinese Nightingale (1910)
Les Malheurs des Immortels
*Celebes (1921)
*Oedipus Rex (1922)
*The Wavering Woman (1922)
Woman, Old Man, and Flower (1924)
*Pieta or Revolution by Night (1923)
*Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale (1924)
Histoire[s] Naturelle[s] (1925)
*Savage Gestures for Charm (1927)
The Wheel of the Sun (1926)
Avignon (1927)
The Chaste Joseph (1928)
*Ręve d'une Petite Fille Qui Voulut Entrer Carmel
*Une Semainde de Bonté
*The King Playing with the Queen (1944)
*Napoleon in the Wilderness (1941)
Totem and Taboo (1941)
*Europe after the Rain (1941-1942)

links to Bella online gallery & to -- sculpture exhibition Exhibition Announcement, 12/6 to 3/8

-- by Stuart Nolen o01.shtml World Socialist Web Site, "The Enduring Significance of the Work of Max Ernst," 13-p essay

mentions *Two Children are threatened by a nightingale
Les Malheurs des Immortels
The Birds Cannot Disappear
*At the First Clear Word
Entire Cities
*Monument top the Birds
Fireside Angel, with a quote from the artist
*Europe after the Rain
*The Robing of the Bride
*Napoleon in the Wilderness
The Antipope
The Stolen Mirror

Breton's preface to the 1920 exhibition
10 August 1925, da Vinci and Botticelli
Natural History, 1926
Ernst's concept of artistic independence
Ernst's influence on abstract art
-- Kindness Week, animated [a video clip is viewable on-line]
-- and the Surrealist Revolution


--: Journey into the Subconscious [a video clip is viewable on-line]


--, Chronological Table in Two Parts Art Dossier by Giuseppe Gatt, 12/91

--, Bibliography -- Monographs and Catalogs From Art Dossier, Gatt

--, [Appreciative paragraph] brief text, 6 thumbnails,

No biography, 2 links < bR>--, The Virgin Spanking Christ Child . . ., 1926 < BR>http://kultur- A Short History & a Gallery of Some
-- Kabinett, Brühl Museen in und um Köln, with two images Scandalous Works of Art

--, . . . the Bird Superior, named Loplop . . . quote by E, 6 buttons

--, The Night will come . . . text with image of Marceline-Marie --, Dream of a Little Girl Who Wanted to Join the Carmelites text with six thumbnails, all redundant

--, Philosopher! 2-p text by G. Bataille, n.d.

--, Une Semaine de Bonté Open Group Books,
Dover paperback, in-print

--, Marcel Duchamp and: the Bride Shared 1998 monograph by David Hopkins, expensive hardback

--, The Eye of Silence 3-p essay by Evan Maurer, 1 image, 8 notes

--, Above the Clouds, Midnight Passes, 1922 pg

--, Accomplishments and Usefulness, 1922

--, The Anti-Pope, 1941-1942 Caltech listing of "Groteque Art"

--, Aquis submersus, 1919

--, Dadaville, 1923-1924

--, Everyone Here Speaks Latin, 1943
--, --, larger version

--, Four Shoes, Ballade du Soldat
--, --, larger version

--, Fruit of a Long Experience, 1919

--, The Gramineous Bicycle, 1921

--, Hypnometric demonstration of how to kill with temperature, 1920

--, 'Ein kupferblech . . ., 1919-1920

--, Light of Impassable Decay, 1964
--, --, larger version

--, Monument to the Birds, 1927, SM1210

--, Portrait of Auguste Bolte, 1967
--, --, larger version]

--, School for Birds, Brunidor 1, 1947
--, --, --, larger version

--, Switzerland, Birthplace of Dada, 1920

--, Ubu Imperator, 1923-1924

--, Six images, Bella Museum California State University, Hayward

--,* Two Children Frightened by a Nightingale Calstate, Hayward
--,* Equivocal Woman Calstate, Hayward
--,*The Eye of Silence Calstate, Hayward
--,*Oedipus Rex Calstate, Hayward
--, *Ubu Imperator, 1923-1924 [This image is inferior in color to the one in wustl archive, above] Calstate, Hayward
--,*Fruit of a Long Experience Calstate, Hayward

--, Single example of Ernst's sculpture, *The King Playing with the Queen (MoMA) Boston College

--, Five examples of Ernst's sculpture, embedded in a text in an unknown language:

1. La Belle Allemand, Paris, 1934-1935, 1956, bronze,. 60 cm, 6 casts, not numbered.
2. La Parisienee, Paris, 1950, 1957, bronze, 70 cm., 9 casts, 1/9 to 9/9, plus 3 casts h.c.
3. Moonmad, Great River, Long Island, NY, 1944, wood, 90cm., 1956, bronze, 6 casts, I/VI to VI/VI
4. Mon Ami Pierrot/My Friend Pierrot, Seillans, 1974, bronze, green patina, 20 1/16 x 15 3/4," 12 casts, signed and numbered 0/VIII to VIII/VIII and EA I/III to EA III/III
5. Fille et Mčre, Huismes, 1959, 1959, bronze, 39 cm., 6 casts, signed and numbered, I/VI to VI/VI

--, Images from Artchive Mark Harden's Artchive, in Texas:

1. *At the First Clear Word, 1923, oil on plaster on canvas, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Dusseldorf, mural from Paul Eluard's house in Eaubonne, later transferred to canvas
2. The Beautiful Season, 1925, oil on canvas 58 x 108 cm., Spies-Metken 951, private collection,jpg.html
3. The Entire City, 1933-1936, oil on canvas 97 x 145 cm., private collection
4. Blind Swimmer (Effect of a Touch), 1934, oil on canvas 93 x 97 cm., Julien Levy Collection, Bridgeport, CT
5. *The Eye of Silence, 1943-1944, oil on canvas, 108 x 141 cm., Washington University Art Gallery, Saint Louis, MO
6. Fishbone Forest, 1927, oil on canvas, 54 x 65 cm., Galerie Beyeler, Basle
7. *Fruit of a Long Experience, 1919, painted wood, 45.7 x 38 cm., private collection
8. *The Hat Makes the Man, 1920, collage, pencil and watercolor/paper, 35.6 x 38 cm., MoMA, NY
9. The Hundred-Headless Woman Opens Her August Sleeve, illustration for collage novel
10. Loplop Introduces a Young Girl, 1930, oil on plaster on wood, 195 x 89 cm., Pompidou Center,
11. The Master's Bedroom, It's Worth Spending a Night There, 1920, collage, gouache and pencil on paper, private collection,jpg.html
12. *Oedipus Rex, 1922, oil on canvas, 93 x 100 cm., private collection, Paris
13. Pieta or Revolution by Night, 1923, oil on canvas, 116 x 88 cm., Spies-Metken No. 624, Tate Gallery, London
14. Approaching Puberty or The Pleiad[e]s, 1921, collage, gouache and oil on paper, mounted on cardboard, 24.5 x 16.5 cm., private collection, Paris
15. The Postman Cheval, 1932, paper and fabric collage with pencil, ink and gouache, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice
16. *The Robing of the Bride, 1939, oil on wood, 96 x 130 cm., Peggy Guggenheim Coll., Venice
17. Saint Cecilia or the Invisible Piano, 1923, oil on canvas, 100 x 82 cm., Spies-Metken No. 630, Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart
18. Snow Flowers, 1929, oil on canvas, 130 x 130 cm., Galerie Beyeler, Basle
19. The Song of the Flesh, 1920, collage with fragments of photographs, gouache and pencil, 12 x 21 cm., Pompidou Center, Paris
20. *Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale, 1924, oil on wood with wooden elements, 69.8 x 57 x 11.4 cm., MoMA, New York
21. *Ubu Imperator, 1923, oil on canvas, 100 x 81 cm., Helene Anari Collection, Paulhiac
22. *The Virgin Spanking the Christ Child before Three Witnesses: André Breton, Paul Eluard, and the Painter, 1926, oil on canvas, 196 x 130 cm., Museum Ludwig, Köln
23. *The Wavering Woman, 1923, oil on canvas 130.5 x 97.5 cm., Kunstsammlung Nordrhein- Westfalen, Dusseldorf,jpg.html

--, die scham[m]ade, köln, 1920 German-language lyrik on line - DADA

--, Flying Geese reproduction for sale by Australian gallery

--, Four Posters for Sale:

1. Vox Angelica 3w art
2. Ursachen der Sonne 3w art
3. Le Jardin de la France 3w art
4. Frühling 3w art

--, Five Images from the University of Minnesota

1. *The Virgin Spanking the Christ Child . . .
2. *Napoleon in the Wilderness
3. *[Little]Monument to the Birds (with postal cancellation superimposed on image) "Stamp"
4. *Hydrometric . . . "Hydrometric"
5. *Ein Kupferblech . . . "Kupfer"

--, Five Images from Ramsay (maximilliana)

1. Trophée hypertrophique, 1919 b&w, poor res. Top left
2. L'as de pique, 1924 less than 1/4 page, color
3. La Mariée du vent color frottage
4. Jardin gobe-avions, 1935 less than 1/3 page, color
5. Frontispiece to The Starry Castle, 1924 less than 1/4 page, color

--, * Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale, 1924 [MoMA, New York] Thumbnail from Madison

--, Two Photographs of the Artist

1. Facing right, hands crossed on pillow small, bw, intense gaze
2. Capricorn, 1948 mage15.html
"Untitled Document," Max behind central figure, Dorothea seated on its lap

--, To 100,000 Doves, 1925

"Untitled Document," by a teacher/examiner, wustl - --, Ein Mond ist guter Dinge, 1970 Galerien Online: Gal. Der Spiegel

--, *Napoléon dans le désert, 1941, oil on canvas, 46.3 x 38.1 cm., MoMA, NY From an exhibition in Montreal

--, Europe After the Rain, 1942

Thinking's Legacy and the Evolution of Experience

--, Two Dissimilar Images of the Same Work

The Temptation of Saint Anthony, 1945, Duisberg, Wilhelm-Lehmbruck Museum

1. from Gatt's dossier, small and bright
2. http://sunsite.ktu.It/pub/multimedia/pictures/art/MaxErnst/

temptation. St. Anthony.jpg from an unknown source, larger and much darker

--,* The Robing of the Bride, 1940, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, with and without alteration

1. from Gatt's dossier, unmodified
2. 1. as cover, with lettering

--, The Best Man Always Wins, 1920

1. contents page

--, Nine Thumbnails [Out of Twelve Offered] from Giuseppe Gatt's Dossier in Italian

1. Landscape (Ciy with Animals, 1914-1916, Guggenheim, New York
2.*Submerged in Water,1919, Stadelsches Kunstinstitut, Franfurt
3. La grande roue orthochromatique qui fait l'amour sur mesure, Spies-Metken No. 324, Pompidou
4. Celebes/L'Elephant Celebes, 1921, Tate Gallery, London
5. Forest, 1925
6. *Savage Gestures for Charm, 1927
7. *Monument to the Birds, 1927, Musée Cantini, Marseille
8. Loplop Introduces Loplop, 1930, Menil Collection, Houston
9. Chemical Wedding, 1948

--, Two Works by Other Artists

1. Homage to Max Ernst by Roy Lichtenstein, screenprint, 21 x 16," edition of 100 examples rnstp5140.htm link to Lichtenstein Retail Price List
2. Portrait of Max Ernst by Leonora Carrington, 1939

<0404 Tristan Tzara European Dada Archive Cabaret Discordia
--, 1963 http://www.mital-u-ch/Dada/dadatt_e.html "can not open," 2/20/99 International Dada Archive, U. Of Iowa Cabaret Discordia

UnpretentiousProclamation.html Surrealism Server


DaArchive Cabaret Discordia

0406 Leonora Carrington Born April 6, 1917, in Clayton Green, Lancashire, England. Her Irish mother was the daughter of a country doctor; her English father an industrialist. She first discovered Max Ernst in an illusration in a book by Herbert Read. When she met the older artist in 1937, she decided to live with him.

"The task of the right eye is to peer into the telescope,
while the left eye peers into the microscope." University of Minnesota, Nadine Hasselt, 1996 (?) Daniel M. Germán, 11/21/97 biography & "The Debutante," posted by Todd Sanders U. of MN., Hasselt? Daniel M.Germán, 1997 Daniel M. Germán U. of MN., Hasselt, '96? 5 thumbnails, no titles Bird Pong,1949 Portrait of Max Ernst, '39 Tuesday, 1947/1987 Portrait of Mme Dupin 47 The Meal of Lord Candlestick, 1938 The Meal of Lord Candlestick 5 more thumbnails, no titles Night, Nursery, Everything Portrait of the Late Mrs. Partridge, '47 The Inn of the Dawn Horse Ferret Race, 1950 The Ancestor, 1968 5 more thumbnails, no titles Step-sister's Hen (or Marigold, Marigold, Tell Me Your Answer Do),'52 The Hour of the Angelus, '49 Who art thou, White Face? And then We Saw the Daughter of the Minotaur, '53 Samain, 1951 Semain [sic], 1951 Daniel M. Germán, 1997 Are You Really Syrious? The Magic World of the Mayas The Giantess, ca. 1950 The Last Carol/The Elk Horn Adelita Escapes, 1987 Cabbage, 1987 Saint John's Mule, 1947 Temple of the Word, '54 The Daring Young Men on the Purple Balloon The Temptation of St. Anthony 4-p. Essay byNadine V. Hasselt, '96 1-p commentary, André Breton

0413 Samuel Beckett

--, 1989

0416 Tristan Tzara Born Samuel Rosenstock, April 16, 1896, in Moinesti, Romania


0607 Jean Arp WebMuseum, Paris [There is no Arp entry in the long list of individual artists, but Arp is mentioned in the one-paragraph description of Dada. Ernst and Baargeld are not even mentioned there.] Dada Archive International Dada Archive

--, Abstract Composition, Knossos

--, The Elements, Leaf Transformed into a Torso

--, Enak's tears (Terrestrial Forms)

--, Forest

--, Fruit (Coupe ou Fruit)
--, --, Travel Kit of a Da'

0615 Dada see February 22


0617 Harry and Caresse Crosby


0704 Lewis Carroll See January 27 or February 6

0704 Benjamin Peret

0710 Arthur Rimbaud, 1891
--, 1854 http//

0714 Tristan Tzara see March 23, March 30, April 4, or April 16

0719 Arthur Rimbaud, 1891 see July 10


0812 André Breton see February 18

0825 Dorothea Tanning American painter, born August 25, 1910, in Galesburg, IL, moved to New York in 1935, met the Surrealist artists in exile there. Married Max Ernst in 1946, and shared his life for thirty-five years -- much longer than any of the other women associated with him -- Louisa Straus, Marie-Berthe Aurenche, Leonora Carrington, or Peggy Guggenheim. Her art evolved and changed over a long career, including a series of sculptures using the techniques of upholstery. A room-size installation in this medium is in the permanent collection of the Beaubourg Museum, Paris. Tanning's autobiography, Birthday, published in 1986, describes her life through her seventy-fifth year.

0827 Man Ray
--, 1976
--, Danger -- Dancer ILXT, 1972
--, --, larger version]
-- Le Violin d'Ingres


0928 André Breton see February 18


1011 Surrealist Research, Bureau of

1020 Arthur Rimbaud see July 10


1101 Surrealism [wak] WebMuseum, P.
[wak] The Surrealism Server, Washington University, St. Louis
[wak] http://www- A Non-Glossary
[wak] Flightless Hummingbird, a pseudo-periodical
[wak] Bibliography of Surrealism, Artists, Writers, etc.

1101 --, 'Pataphysics, Symbolism Mostly Alfred Jarry, Works and Fans

1110 Arthur Rimbaud see July 10 or October 20

1113 Lewis Carroll see January 27, February 6, or July 4

1118 Paul Eluard, 1895, 1952
--, 1895

1126 Lewis Carroll see November 13, or other dates cited there


1210 Harry and Caresse Crosby see June 17

1214 Paul Eluard see November 18, above

1222 Samuel Beckett see April 13

1225 Tristan Tzara One of the sources says that Tzara died on "Christmas Eve," which may mean that the date for this item should be 1224.

In any case, see March 30, April 4, or July 14.

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