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The Anarchist Encyclopedia --
a Gallery of Anti-Authoritarians & Poets, Saints & Sinners, Movements & Events.

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Editors note: Names in red link to informational or source pages.

Entries in white will have pages or links added eventually. Sources for other links are cited. Many names & events in the Encyclopedia index, especially foreign ones have English-language renditions we have not set links to as yet; you may search the Daily Bleed Archives by name or event.

There are many dedicated pages created specifically for this Encyclopedia & these have a clickable button ? which retrieves our page.

For entries in a language you can't read, try the free online translators, such as Babel Fish or Google. Translations are crude but useful.

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// -- Ateneo Virtual is an excellent Spanish language anarchist resource in Spain offering some 700 pages. Among their pages referenced in the Anarchist Encyclopedia are:
  • An alphabetical listing of Mujeres Libres & anarchist feminists:
  • An extensive daily Calendar (Efemérides) provides names for many Spanish anarquistas & events, & incorporates the extensive listings from l'Ephéméride Anarchiste (rendered to Spanish, just as we do in English).

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  • Biografies de Sindicalistes
    This site has an extensive collection of Spanish biographies, organized in several pages, & these include many anarchists.
    (In Spanish, & a regional dialect that does not translate well with online translators.)

    // -- A Historical Encyclopedia of Spanish Anarchism, by Miguel Iñiguez
    400+ entries (192 pages of extracts), at Stuart Christie Books, see the Archives section at

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  • Ephéméride Anarchiste
    Massive French-language anarchist calendar collection & excellent resource pages. Events & people cited in their daily calendar are also organized alphabetically in a separate index page.

    Most entries from l'éphéméride Anarchiste have been translated for the Daily Bleed Calendar & will eventually be converted to distinct dedicated pages here or provide direct links to translated or detailed information in the Bleed.

    // -- Other sources we often utilize & recommend are the Kate Sharpley Library, International Institute of Social History) (IISH; Dutch & English), the Wikipedia (& numerous anarchist wikis in various languages), Alle radici dell’anarchismo modenese (Italian), Research on Anarchism (French & English), l'anarcho revue (French), Radical Tradition (Australia), Anarchy Archives, Movement for Anarchy, flag.blackened.net, libcom.org/tags/biography/ (formerly People's History)...

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