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Jules Vallès
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Jules Vallès, (1832-1885)

French journalist, anarchist propagandist, novelist. Born June 11, 1832 in Puy-en-Velay (Haute Loire); died February 14, 1885.

Le Poète apparaît en ce monde ennuyé
Tous ceux qu'il veut aimer l'observent avec crainte,
Ou bien, s'enhardissant de sa tranquillité,
Cherchent à qui saura lui tirer une plainte,
Et font sur lui l'essai de leur férocité

— Charles Baudelaire, Bénédiction, in Les Fleurs du Mal


Jules Valles, anarchiste

Jules Valles was involved in the Revolution of 1848 & a Proudhonist imprisoned in 1853 for a conspiracy against the Emperor. He launched the weekly magazine "The Street," June 1, 1867, involving artists & writers such as Emile Zola, Charles Baudelaire & Gustave Courbet before being suppressed.

Other papers he started included the "Cry of the People" (February 22, 1871), the newspaper of the Paris Commune.

Valles was a co-signatory of "the red poster" (call to insurrection), & on March 26 he became a partisan minority member & fought on the barricades during the "Bloody Week". Condemned to death, he took refuge in England until the amnesty of 1880. Relaunched "Cry of the People" with the help of Severine, giving voice to Blanquists, Guesdists & libertarians.

Jules Vallès provided the text which accompanied the artist & fellow anarchist Maximilien Luce's series of lithographs based on Luce's prison experience (Luce had been described as a "dangerous anarchist" whose drawings were judged "inciting people to revolt"). Valles' autobiographical novels, The Child; The Graduate; The Insurrectionist, were published pseudonymously.

Jules Valles died February 14, 1885 & his burial drew tens of thousands of people.

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