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Jean-Baptiste Thuriault (sometimes Thuriau).

French worker, anarchist militant.
Born in Nievre, April 24, 1853. Died January 9, 1924.

In 1892, Thuriault became a correspondent for the Marseilles anarchist newspaper "L'agitateur".

Authorities regarded him as the "Grand Master of Anarchy" in the department of Nievre. This is worth many searches! One search of his place turns up anarchist booklets, handbooks for the manufacture of explosives... & six dynamite caps wrapped in an issue of the "Père Peinard" — all resulting in nothing.

The police reports seem only to have been kept to keep track of this militant who — dixit les pandores"always preached the upheaval of society by violence"...

In French, see Ephéméride anarchiste

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