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Jules Thomas (1839-1892)

A French Icarien, Parisian communard, Blanquist, then a militant anarchist.
Born 1839, died in New York 4 April 1892.

Initially a follower of Etienne Cabet, Jules Thomas supports the establishment of an Icarienne community in the US.

In 1871, as a member of the national guard, he participated in the battles of the Paris Commune which was crushed by the Versailles armies.

Jules Thomas then took refuge in New York & founded the "Société des réfugiés de la Commune" which, in addition to its solidarity actions, commemorates, in New York, the anniversary of the March 18 Paris uprising.

A revolutionary Blanquist, Jules Thomas then became an anarchist following his reading of Peter Kropotkin, then the major exponent of anarchist-communism.

Exhausted by his occupation as a piece-worker, Jules Thomas died at the early age of 53.

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