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Nikolas Tchorbadieff

Born March 1, 1900; died July 6, 1994.

Bulgarian militant & anarchist propagandist.

As a youth convinced by libertarian ideas, Tchorbadieff participated in founding the Bulgarian Anarchist Communist Federation in Sofia in 1919. (The principal founder of the F.A.C.B. was Mikhael Guerdjikov).

Forced underground with the coup d'etat of 1923, he went into exile in Paris. Despite living under threat of expulsion he kept up his activism, helping start the "Bulgarian Group in Exile", & in establishing the "International Bookshop" & "The International Anarchist Review ". A typographer, Tchorbadieff also worked in producing "la Brochure mensuelle".

In 1936, with the onset of the Spanish Revolution, he participated in the Committee for a Free Spain.

In 1939, seeking to enter the fight against the fascists in Spain, he was detained as a "foreigner" & sent to the internment camp in Vernet.

After his release he joined the resistance during WWII, & maintained his activism. Founded the French-Bulgarian review "Iztok" in 1979, with other Bulgarian companions.

His partner, Lea Kamener, a militant of the "Jewish Anarchistic Group" died in 1982.

Tchorbadieff wrote the booklet Les causes qui ont crée le socialisme, et l'anarchisme d'aujourd'hui et de demain (1993).

In French, see Ephéméride anarchiste

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