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Spanish-Australian anarchist.
Born 1913 (or 1912?); died 15th July, 1998.

Vicente Ruiz, a Spanish anarchist who participated in the Spanish Revolution of 1936 died after a long illness last Wednesday. Vicente was one of the last direct links that Australia's anarchists had with anarchists who participated in the anarchist inspired social revolution during the Spanish Civil War.

He was cremated after a simple and moving ceremony in Melbourne on Monday.

After the collapse of the Spanish Revolution he & his family lived in exile in Algeria, Morocco & eventually arrived in Australia in 1965. The difference between Vincent & other anarchist exiles who came to Australia is that Vincent stayed true to the ideas of his youth & became involved in the re-emerging anarchist movement in Australia. He was one of the few anarchist refugees to this country who was able to make that transition. he is missed by his family & those Australian anarchists who were infected with his enthusiasm for "the idea".

Source, Anarchist Age Weekly Review 22nd July'98

See also the Vicente Ruiz, founded in 2001 in Australia,

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