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Armand Robin gleefully listening to his radio
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Armand Robin (1912-1961). French translator, writer/poet, anarchist.

Armand Robin was a passionate student of languages who learned an impressive number of them. Soured on the Soviet dictatorship after a stay in the USSR in 1933, he discovered & translated many Russian authors such as Essenin, Blok, Maļakovski, Pasternak, etc. Also an ardent short wave radio buff. He joined the French Anarchist Federation in 1945, which published his Undesirable Poems, & there became friends with anarchist poet/songwriter George Brassens. In "La fausse parole" (The False Word, 1953) he dissected the mechanisms of propaganda in the totalitarian countries. Continued translating & writing poetry until his unexplained death in a Police infirmary in 1961. Close-up of Armand listening to his radio, alternating with his signature; animated

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