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Salvador Puig Antich

Catalan anarchist, executed by Franco's fascist regime, aged 24, 2 March 1974.

Anarchist militant of the MIL. The MIL (Iberian Liberation Movement), began in the 1970s to fight the yoke of Francoism. Included Jean-Marc Rouillan & Oriol Plate Sugranyes. This libertarian movement of urban guerrilla warfare (mainly bank robberies) never spilled any blood.

Salvador Puig Antich was arrested September 25, 1973, a few months after a car-bombing, & was seriously wounded in the head. A policeman was killed in the confusion (apparently by another police officer). Nevertheless, January 7, 1974, the death penalty was deemed necessary against the young militant, despite obvious defects in the case. Demonstrations demanding his release took place all over Europe (& as far away as Argentina), & in Toulouse, France protestors clashed with the police in front of the Spanish consulate.

Despite these efforts, Puig Antich was executed, garrotted at the Model de Barcelone.

Poesia Rasa, by Joan Brossa, book cover
La Llibertat, columna de la fruita,
fa clara la diada de la lluita,
que a poc a poc va esdevenint filó.

Rellotge sempre de la gent que lluita,
obres la gàbia a muntanyes. No
has caiguit pas! Puig Antich, Salvador!

       — Joan Brossa(1919-1998) from "Elegia" in Poesia Rasa

Salvador photo; source,

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