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Joséphine Coueille: known as Andrée Prevotel.

Militant anarchist & anarcho-syndicalist.
Born April 19, 1912, in Gers.

Andrée Prevotel participated, with her companion André Prevotel, in the anarchist group of Bordeaux.

In 1935, she was implicated in "the business Norbert Bartosek," ("Sterilizers of Bordeaux" trial held May 2, 1936) involving the anarchist doctor & néo-Malthusian who practised voluntary male sterilizations (considered by law comparable to the crime of castration). Andree spent 12 days in jail before her case was dropped, but Andre was sent prison for six months.

A member of the CGT-SR, founded by Pierre Besnard, she was sent to prison in 1939 for 50 days for "Propos défaitistes."

In 1942, in Langon (the Gironde), she & Andre started a section of SIA. Following WWII, they joined the l'Union Anarchiste & the Libre Pensée.

In French, see Ephéméride anarchiste

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