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Adrien Perrissaguet (1898-1972)

Adrien Perrissaguet, French anarchist,
born in Limoges, April 22, 1898. Died January 14, 1972.

Perrissaguet was a militant anarchist propagandist, shoemaker, & founder of Groupe des Amis du Combat Syndicaliste & "L'association des fédéralistes anarchistes" & was responsible for producing for these groups "Combat syndicaliste" & the weekly magazine "La Voix Libertaire" (The Libertarian Voice). He was involved for years with the CGT-SR (Confédération Générale du Travail - Syndicaliste Révolutionnaire; the founding congress was organized by Pierre Besnard, & held in Lyon, November 15-16, 1926).

A burning pacifist, friend of Sebastien Faure, he is regarded as "dangerous" by the authorities, & is registered with the "notebook B" of Haute-Vienne.

So that "Combat" appears regularly, Perrissaguet deploys wonders of ingeniousness; & while ensuring the production of the of the newspaper, he lodges & protects the Spanish anarchists Francisco Ascaso & Buenaventura Durruti are are being hunted by authorities. Additionally a secret trip to the Pyrénées results in a price being put on his head by the Spanish dictator Primo de Rivera.

An activist in the Sacco & Vanzetti committee, he also fought in the Spanish Revolution of 1936 & was a member of the French Resistance during WWII. Active with "Libre pensée".

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