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José Pellicer-Gandia, 1912-1942

Spanish anarcho-syndicalist who fought with the "Iron Column".
Born in Valencia, April 28, 1912; arrested by the fascists, Pellicer was executed June 8, 1942.

José Pellicer-Gandia was a typist who joined the CNT in 1932.

An adherent of "direct action," he was involved in numerous "expropriations" to finance the movement. Caught & imprisoned in Valencia, Pellicer escaped by digging a tunnel.
Madrid 1936 poster: No pasaran

With the military putsch by the fascists, on July 19, 1936, Pellicer joined the famous "Iron Column", & went to the front at Teruel. At the end of October 1936, he was wounded in Valencia, when fighting broke out between the anarchists & Communists (when the latter assassinated a CNT militiaman).

In March 1937, the Iron Column was militarized (83rd mixed brigade), & Pellicer was named commander before again being wounded. He was also imprisoned a few months in Barcelona by the Communists.

Released on August 31, 1937, he headed a battalion.

After the defeat of the Republicans he was arrested & held with Juan Peiro, & on May 26, 1942, a military tribunal in Valencia condemned him to death.

Pellicer-Gandia was executed on June 8, 1942.

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