The 2002 Quiz

Music & Anarchists

Classical music

1. Can you name some operas inspired by anarchists?

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2. This anarchist songster -- writer, composer, poet & painter -- from inauspicious beginnings (a series of his sonatas & interludes presented in a tent, printed programs on toilet paper near the entrance with a bowl of tobacco, with the audience invited to roll cigarettes with this tobacco, using their programs as cigarette papers, during the concert...) can be described as the "grandaddy" of the "happening".

Dick Higgins (Something Else Press), Allan Kaprow, Al Hansen, Richard Maxfield who first presented "happenings", were all his composition students.

Hint: This songster appeared at the 1994 "Anarchy in UK/ Ten Days That Shook the World" festival in London.

"Fighting against the government is like fanning the flames of a dying fire."
Who is he?

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