The 2002 Quiz

Music & Anarchists

Contemporary anarchist songsters

1. In a rambling monologue, which this anarchist songster is prone to do in concert & on recordings, on the album/cd ------------- (1), he ------------- (2) exclaims:

“My God, that’s Moose Turd Pie!! (3)

This songster’s worst job was as a dancer. What kind of dancer was this songster? (4)

Hint : This artist also refers to the Irish Banjo. What is an Irish Banjo? Name the artist, album, last comment, the dance & what an Irish banjo is made of

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2. This anarchist has written 23 novels (including a science fiction series) + 11 works of non-fiction (four books on Elvis[!]) & cut 14 albums. His band was punk years before the Sex Pistols. It still plays today.

Described by one reviewer as Beefheartean dada babble shot thru with white boy garage shock blues...influenced by the Capt., Dylan, the Stones, Zappa, the Fugs, blues giants like Blind Lemon Jefferson, probably himself too.

Name the songster/author & his band. (Sorry, no extra points for knowing the brand of crutches he uses).

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3. What anarchist wrote the lyrics:

"I've been floating in this river of shit / Over 20 years & I'm gettin' tired of it"

If the answer is too easy, then identify the poet who wrote the lyrics:

"I ain't ever gonna go to Vietnam, I prefer to stay here & screw your mom" for this songster's group.

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