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// -- Anarchist Encyclopedia: Andre Mournier / alt; André Mounier, (1878-19?)

Andre Mournier ("The Agronomist") (1878-19?)

André Mounier lives, April 6, 1878, Joigny (Yonne).

French anarchist, member of the Colonie d'Aiglemont founded by Fortuné Henry.

Mournier developed practical methods for large scale agriculture at the Colony. He also participated in the newspaper "Le Cubilot" which, after 1907, was printed at the Colony.

Two anti-militarist articles by Mounier got him in hot water with the government for "insulting the army" & he was forced to leave in 1908, taking refuge in Switzerland.

Condemned to 3 months prison & fined in absentia, Andre Mournier re-enters at Chambery (France) October, 1910. Challenging the judgement against him, on February 14, 1911, the court dismissed the charges. He is the author of the booklet En Communisme (1906).

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