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Victor Méric (1876-1933)

Journalist, libertarian author & antimilitarist. Meric went from anarchism to revolutionary socialism, wound up a Communist Party member, then devoted himself to pacifism.

Victor Meric founded "La ligue internationale des combattants de la paix". In Paris he attended anarchist meetings & collaborated on "Libertaire" & helped found "l'Association internationale antimilitariste".

In 1906, he joined the revolutionary Socialists around the newspaper of Gustave Herve's "La guerre sociale". In 1907, he founded, with Henri Fabre, "Les hommes du jour", a newspaper illustrated by Aristide Delannoy, which was very successful, but earned them both sentences for "insulting" the army (the one year prison term was fatal to Delannoy).

Despite his antimilitarism, Meric was mobilized in 1914 & spent four years on the front lines. After the war Meric was an enthusiast of the Russian Revolution &, in 1920, joined the Communist Party. Meric, however could not knuckle under to party discipline & was expelled in 1923. He then helped create the Parti Communiste Unitaire, which quickly became l'Union Socialiste Communiste.

In 1928, he became a close friend of the anarchist journalist/lawyer Henri Jullien. By 1931, more pacifist than ever, he founded the newspaper "La patrie humaine" & joined "La ligue internationale des combattants de la paix", devoting the remainder of his energy to it before he died of cancer. Victor Meric is the author of many works, including Les bandits tragiques (1926), La der des der (1929), Les compagnons de l'escopette (1930), A travers la jungle politique et littéraire (1930/1931).

Robert Jospin (one-time libertarian & father of the socialist French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin), after meeting Victor Méric & Roger Monclin in the 1920s, began writing for the anarchist press ("La Patrie Humaine," "Le Réfractaire," "Le Libertaire," etc.) while with the Pacifist Union. See Anarchist Encyclopedia page,

  • MERIC (Victor)La "Der des Der" Roman.
    Les Editions de France, Paris, 1929. Mention de 8° mille.

    In-12° broché, III-294 pp.

  • In French, Ephéméride anarchiste,
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