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Émile Maurin (1862-1913) (known as Élie Murmain)
Anarchist militant & photographer.
Born 28 July 1862 in Marseilles; died in Paris 21 March 1913.

Emile Maurin was implicated & sentenced in absentia at the "Trial of the 66" on January 19, 1883 to five years in prison. In exile in Geneva, he was amnestied in 1889 & returned to France, & became a travelling photographer under the name of Murmain, in spite of serious problems with his eyesight (he gradually went blind).

Maurin used this travelling trade to propagate the anarchist ideas. In 1891, he is again sentenced to prison (for six months) for encouraging soldiers to revolt. chat noir with book; source

See H. Chapey, Élie Murmain. Émile Maurin. 24pp. (Bagnolet, 1923)


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