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Gabriel-Constant Martin (1839-1906)

Constant Martin lives, Entrevaux (the Low-Alps) April 5, 1839.

Member of the Paris Commune (elected as the teachers' delegate), First International, a Blanquist & an anarchist.

Martin was a signatory to the text of September 15, 1872, "Internationale et révolution, à propos du congrès de la Haye," opposing Marx & the General Council's rigged expulsion of the anarchists from the First International.

He was founder of a French school in London, attended by children of exiles.

A founder of the Blanquist party before rejoining the anarchists, Martin wrote extensively for the libertarian press ("Ca ira" with Emile Pouget, "La révolte," etc).

Following the repression of the anarchists during the "Trial of the 30" Martin was condemned to 20 years forced labor & he took refuge, once again, in London, returning to France in 1896 when the sentence was dropped.

Martin continued writing for Sebastian Faure's paper, "Le journal du peuple" until his death, on July 9, 1906.

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