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Luigi Lucheni (1873-1910)

Anarchist adherent of "propaganda by the deed," killed the impératrice Elisabeth of Austria, (September 10, 1878) & got, at age 25, life in prison. Born April 22, 1873; died October 19, 1910.

Given up at birth by a poor Italian maidservant, he experienced the misery of the orphanage, in Paris, before being returned to Italy. Worked odd jobs before joining the army for 3 1/2 years. Emigrated to Switzerland where he became familiar with anarchist ideas.

During his trial 12 November 1898 he declared himself an anarchist, & revealed that he wanted first to kill the Duke of Orleans, then chose the impératrice Elisabeth, to strike a blow against the persecutors of working people.

In prison Luigi Lucheni undertook to improve his education & draft his memoirs. When those were taken by guards, Luigi rebelled, & was subjected to beatings before being found hung in his cell.

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