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Andre Lorulot
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André Lorulot (aka André Georges Roulot).
French free-thinker, individualist, lecturer & propagandist. Born October 23, 1885; died March 11, 1963.

"André Lorulot, a leading French individualist before the First World War, was then a leading freethinker for half a century."

— Nicolas Walters

Lorulot began writing, in 1905, for Libertad's journal, "L'anarchie." In 1906, with his partner Emilie Lamotte, he joined the libertarian colony at Saint Germain en Laye, which lasted for two years. While there he lectured & continued his propaganda work. His writings often got him in hot water, & in 1907 his pamphlet, L'idole, patrie et conséquence landed him in prison for 15 months, for "Provocation de militaires à la désobéissance". When Libertad died in 1908 Lorulot assumed control of "L'anarchie", then began issuing, on December 1, 1911, the review "L'idée libre," & took part in Sebastien Faure's Anarchist Encyclopaedia.

Smitten with the Bolshevik Revolution for a while, Lorulot broke with the anarchists. He based his later activism on anticlericalism, joined the Federation of Free Thinkers, & became president of this organization in 1958.