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Paul Zilsel
Nick Riley
collective member


July 30, 1973 Grand Opening of Left Bank Books Collective, Seattle, Washington. An early split off from Red & Black Books Collective.

BleedMeister, Stan Iverson, Karen Herold, Barbara Sealy, remain with the Red & Black Books; Paul Zilsel & Lynn Thorndycraft left the formative group to start Left Bank, with a more focused anarchist identity & presence rather than the more generic "radicalism" of Red & Black. Early Left Bank participants include Bruce Huebel, Jo Maynes, Ruth Sabiers, Mark Kent & others... BleedMeister joins LB in 1978 & remains until 1995.

Both stores celebrate their 25th year in 1998; Red & Black closed it doors in the spring of 1999.

Other formalized projects sponsored by the collective included the Books-to-Prisoners project, Left Bank Distribution & Publishing, & aka Used Books.

March 20, 1985 Benefit for anarchist Stan Iverson (1927-1985), at Seattle's Left Bank Books. One of many fund raising efforts to aid Stan in his fight against cancer.

August 16, 2003 Left Bank Books Collective in Seattle holds its 30th Anniversary party, Richard Hugo House, 6-10pm.
Much loud music, multi-media slide shows, old photos, newspaper clippings, leaflets, announcments, etc. About 200 current & former LBers attend. Sadly noted by BleedMeister that many or more are not here, scattered on the winds. A few (present company excepted) look to have aged a bit since the olden early days.

July 30, 2006 Paul Zilsel Memorial gathering.

40th Aniversary gathering July 27, 2013

Sabo Cat in Wooden Shoe ROLL CALL
(partial to 1993):

Kathy Acker (author; died 1997), Jim Ackers , Steve Austin, Robby Barnes (co-publisher, Charlatan Stew), Rick Angel, * Leslie Batchelder (teaches Popular Culture & Women's Studies at Portland State University), Jerry Bodell, * Larry Breslauer (Instructor, Edmonds Community College), Janine Carpenter, * Steve Coleman (Ireland; Lecturer & Irish language editor, department of anthropology | NUI Maynooth), Polly Davis , Helene Ellenbogen, Fred Epps (owner, Pegasus Book Exchange), Ben E. Factory , Tom Fleener (Sunlight Cafe) , Sakuna Ganbari (Pennsylvania) , Jennifer Glod , Phil Goldman, * Mark Hall (aka Holly) (Eugene, Oregon) , Deb Halsted , Guila Howard , Bruce Huebel (book/music collector), * Gregor Jamroski (Web design, & UX Designer at Microsoft) , Mark Kent (Catholic priest; deceased) , Suzanne LeBray (FBI informant) , Alice Lesnick (aka Books; Philadelphia) , Sue Letsinger (artist), * Jim Logie (artist, design layout; Nederlands), Jo Maynes (deceased) , Jessie McCoy (a gamblin' man) , Tom McDonald , Dave Moore (nurse), * Deran Morris (aka author Deran Ludd & here), * Petter Nordal (a.k.a. Pitter Patter; teacher), Tom O’Keefe (whereabouts unknown) , Wayne Parker, * Rachel Pascal (Lawyer/activist, teaches environmental & water law at Gonzaga Law School in Spokane), Perry Phillips (author) , Marianne Pulfer (architect/artist) , Nick Riley (merchant marine, still on the high seas?) , Ruth Sabiers (New Mexico) , Roberta Silver (NY) , Tom Harris/Samot , Robert Thomas, * Allen Thompson, Lynne Thorndycraft , Mark Vaccaro (NY), * Charles Weigl (California; AK Press Collective 2008), John Webster (Hurricane Katrina returns him to Seattle in 2006) , Zoe Walter (SF), * Clark Wiegman (artist, synesthetic environmental sculptor), Gary Wilkie (Acequia Books, New Mexico; companion of poet Marilyn Stablein), Paul Zilsel (d.2006)

Present & accounted for 1993 collective:
Carol Anderson , David Brown , Tom Creadon , Noreen Carver , Karl Dardick (poet) , Matthew King , Kent Jewell , Kate Gardner (NY) , Linda Navarro , Russell Puschak (NY; Library Media Specialist) , Linda Wehnes

Last names inadvertantly missing:
Anne Marie , Barry , Bill , Caleb , Kevin , Leslie , Man , Rachel (worked with Bruce on Sats) , Ruzielle G. (2004) , Zoe

Also with a little help from our great friends: Ben Sabiers (NY) , Dorritt , Jessie Bernstein (author/performance artist; b.1950-d.1991) , Keith , Marshall Goddard , Sylvie Kashdan (co-publisher, Charlatan Stew) , Brandon Letsinger (English language teacher in Beijing, China; Seattle Co-ordinator Cascadia Now) , Marjorie Spiegel (author; NY) , Po (deceased, killed in a bombing attempt) , Shannon Wolfe , Tammi , Wayne , Wendy

Left Bank Books, upper floor

Left Bank Books home page,

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