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Pierre Le Meillour (1884-1954)

French worker, anarchist militant, anti-militarist. Born in Morbihan April 24, 1884; died August 24, 1954 in Sartrouville.

Pierre Le Meillour was a convinced antimilitarist who collaborated very early in the "Libertaire". Registered in the Carnet B (secret police files kept on subversives, unionists, pacifists & other 'undesirables'), he was arrested June 20, 1917 for producing a number of clandestine newspapers, & was sentenced, a few months later, to six months in prison.

Le Meillour was a good speaker, & was made a delegate to all the anarchist Congresses held between 1920 & 1927.

During WWII, he provided support for Louis Lecoin & took an active part in the SIA.

In 1946, in an article entitled "Debout les anars", he wrote:

"Hitler est mort, Mussolini aussi, et sur les ruines de leur ignoble régime s'élabore tout doucement, sous le couvert de la faucille et du marteau, un système identique où les trois quarts de la population seront flics, gendarmes ou mouchards de toutes catégories (...)."

In French, see Ephéméride anarchiste

For Carnet B files, see J.J Becker Le Carnet B, Kuncksieck editions, 1973

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