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Henry Le Fevre

Henry Le Fèvre (1894-1991)

Henry Le Fèvre lives, February 22, 1894, Courbevoie. Died October 2, 1991 in Argenton-Château.

Henry Le Fèvre was a French vegetarian, anarchist, & publisher of "Le Néo Naturien", «revue des idées philosophiques etnaturiennes» whose 23 issues appeared between December 1921 & January 1929.

Before the war in 1914, Henry Le Fevre frequented the cabaret of Montmartre where he met, among others, the painter Utrillo & the Russian anarchist theorist Peter Kropotkin.

Le Fèvre was forced into exile in Belgium for his anti-military activities & there came into contact with German anarchist circles, which he recounts in a conversation recorded by Jean Charles Meunier. Like the majority of pacifists of the time, he was swept up by the wind of history & mobilized: "But some refused, like my buddy Lecoin, who they tossed into prison for 10 years!"

Before being severely wounded in the trenches he met Roland Dorgelès, who used him for one of the characters of his Croix de Bois.

During the 1920s he was active in the international efforts to free Sacco & Vanzetti (1926-1927) & also in the Club du Libre-Examen de Parthenay, part of the federation of Libre-Examen headed by Louis Rimbault.

Without abandoning his anarchist ideals, he eventually became politically inactive, but refusing to vote & rejecting television & other alleged benefits of civilization. He was a bee-keeper in the Dordogne during a few years before returning to live in Two-Sevres in 1974, in Saint Martin de Sanzay. A strict vegetarian until the few months preceding his death, he long believed diet would increase longevity -- &, in fact, Henry Le Fèvre lived to the ripe old age of 97.

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