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// -- Aristide Lapeyre

Aristide Lapeyre

(1899-1974); Born January 31,1899. Died in Bordeaux March 23, 1974.

Biographical/historical note :

Aristide Lapeyre was a French hairdresser, anarchist, pacifist militant & néo-Malthusian.

In 1929, with his brothers Laurent & Paul (1901-1991), he helped found the CGT-SR.

Aristide was a participant in the Spanish Revolution & during WWII helped many comrades escape the Gestapo before he himself was taken hostage by the Nazis.

Lapeyre was an advocate for abortion rights, providing abortions until, on June 19, 1973, he was sent to prison for 5 years following the accidental death of a patient.

The "Sterilizers of Bordeaux" trial in France. In April 1935 France, lacking specific laws against voluntary vasectomies, charged Dr. Norbert Bartosek, an anarchist Austrian, & others (among them Aristide Lapeyre & both Andrée & André Prévotel) with the "crime of castration" & "aggravated assault". Bartosek received three years in prison & the others 16 months.

Gérard Duvergé, a teacher, anarchist & antifascist resistor, became an anarchist in 1935, writing for the anarchist press, & joining a group in Agen in 1936. He was also involved with "la libre pensée" & the "Ligue Internationale des Combattants de la Paix".

Duverge & his companion Henriette organized youth camps, & in 1939, with the Spanish Republicans & other defeated refugees forced into camps in southern France, they lodged exiles on their premises &, with Aristide Lapeyre, also set up a libertarian school at Agen.

" L'enfant n'est pas la propriété des parents. Ceux-ci n'ont pas le droit de le plier aux exigences de leur égoisme, de leur propre servitude. Leur rôle consiste à lui procurer la subsistance qu'il ne peut se procurer lui-même et à le protéger contre la société."

— Gérard Duvergé, bulletin of the SNI, June 1936


[Aristide Lapeyre is noted in the Daily Bleed, January 31,1899, March 23, 1974, & other dates]

In French: Ephéméride Anarchiste,

There are sacattered reference to Aristide online,"10"&sa=N

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