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Eugène Lanti

French Espérantist, anarchist, anti-nationalist, anti-Stalinist Communist.
(born 19 July 1879 in Normandy, France; died 17 January 1947 in Mexico)

Biographical/historical notes:

Eugene Lanti, anarchist; source Ephemeride anarchisteène Lanti (pseudonym for Eugène Adam) was attracted to anarchism in his youth, which he abandoned in 1920 as a founding member of the French Communist Party.

Lanti left the Communist Party after several disillusioning trips to the USSR & meetings with Soviet Esperantists. Never a Trotskyist, he was close to groups like the Spanish POUM.

An ardent Esperantist, in 1921 he founded Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda (SAT), a broad-based Esperanto-speaking organisation (containing Communists, Social Democrats & anarchists). He was dedicated to the liberation of the working class, the eradication of national boundaries (World Non-National Movement), & the use of Esperanto as a means in this struggle.

Lanti worked with Petit Larousse, & sought to create an Esperanto dictionary of the same type. He was centrally involved in SAT's project for the writing & design of the Plena Vortaro which later became today’s Plena Ilustrita Vortaro.

In the 1920s Lanti lived in Paris with Ellen Kate Limouzin, the aunt of George Orwell. (Orwell visited the couple and suffered as a non-speaker of Esperanto, and developed a strong dislike for the language. It has been suggested that Orwell included elements of Esperanto in the "Newspeak" language he created in his anti-totalitarian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.)

In 1935 Lanti founded the independent magazine "Herezulo". After his retirement in 1937, he left France for good, to meet Esperantists, & travelled to Spain, Portugal, North Africa, Japan, Australia, New Zealand & South America.

Suffering from an incurable illness he hanged himself in his flat in Mexico on January 17, 1947.

  • LANTI, E.: Leteroj de Eugène Adam aù Lanti al Edmond Privat, kun komentarioj de Pierre Hirsch. La Sagne: Kultura Centro Esperantista, 1973, 25 p. – Aesp 5

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