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Laurance Labadie, 1898-1975.

Laurance Labadie represented that libertarian impulse which became known in the early decades of the 20th century as "Mutualism," blending the ideas of Josiah Warren, P. J. Proudhon, William B. Greene, Benjamin Tucker & others.

Laurance Labadie & Oriole Tucker

Laurance Labadie was an American anarchist writer and theorist & the son of Joseph Labadie.

His papers consist of correspondence on philosophical and personal matters; essays and notes on economic theory and the philosophy of anarchism; a journal he edited called Discussion; notebooks; family papers; sound recordings; photos; and anarchist and libertarian pamphlets, newsletters, and writings.

Also included are letters, articles, and publications reflecting Labadie's association with the School of Living, in Suffern, New York, a decentralist organization that promoted homesteading and adult education, and its Brookville, Ohio, branch called Lane's End, which was run by Mildred and John Loomis.

Among the correspondents are Steven Byington, Henry Cohen, Marcus Graham, Agnes Inglis, John William Lloyd, Mildred and John Loomis, Herbert Roseman, Theodore Schroeder, John Scott, Benjamin Tucker, and Don Werkheiser.

Source: The Joseph A. Labadie Collection at the University of Michigan.

See also A Reminiscence of Laurance Labadie by James J. Martin for a more detailed account.

See also Origin & Nature of Government by Laurance Labadie

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