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Peter Kropotkin, anarchist

Peter Kropotkin, (1842-1921)

Peter Kropotkin was a Russian anarchist-communist, important theorist & activist. A Russian prince & scientist who gave up both his noble title & his avocation for his social activism, he was forced into exile & underwent various jailings for his beliefs & activism.

The Daily Bleed, on his date of birth, notes:

Russia: Prince Peter Kropotkin, important geographer &
anarchist, lives (December 9, 1842), Moscow.

In the Encyclopedia Britannica (for which he wrote
the "anarchy" definition in the famed 11th edition),
Kropotkin describes himself:

"Although he achieved renown in a number of different fields,
ranging from geography & zoology to sociology & history, he shunned
material success for the life of a revolutionist."

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