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Jean-Baptiste Knockaert.

Militant anarcho-syndicalist, communist, then free thinker.

Born 25 March 1877 in Tourcoing (northern); died November 20, 1957.

Born to Belgian parents, Knockaert was expelled in 1895 for participating in an "anti-patriotic" demonstration. Upon his return to France, he was active in the anarchist movement & selected as a delegate to the Antimilitarist Congress of Etienne Saint in 1905.

As a textile worker Knockaert engaged trade union activites & became friends with Benoit Broutchoux. He collaborated in the newspaper "Combat" & in 1914 managed the journal "La peste cléricale."

In the 1920s Jean-Baptiste Knockaert was attracted by the Russian Revolution, joining the Communist Party & the CGTU. In 1924 he gave up his union activities, devoting himslef the northern Federation of Freethinkers. About 1931, he gradually ceased his communist activivism, then broke with the party completely in 1939, following the German-Soviet Pact.

Source: Ephéméride anarchiste

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