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Maurice Joyeux
(January 19, 1910 - December 9, 1991)

outstanding figure of French anarchism

In & out of prison for his activities, including the Committee of the Unemployed, l'Union Anarchiste, the occupations of factories, prison revolt (in Montluc, he escaped after having fomented a mutiny; subject of the book Mutinerie à Montluc [1971]).

Following WWII helped in rebuilding the Fédération Anarchiste & publishing "Libertaire". Was active in trade union movement (CGT-FO). Opened a bookshop in Paris, "Le Château des brouillards". In 1953, Joyeux founded the newspaper "Le monde libertaire".

After the uprising in May 68, with his partner Suzy Chevet & the Louise Michel Group, Joyeux began "La rue", a review of libertarian cultural expression. In 1981, he was the first guest of Radio Libertaire (radio libre de la FA, à Paris). He left, in addition to various theoretical works, two books of memoirs, Sous les plis du drapeau noir, & Souvenirs d'un anarchiste. Also wrote Les Anarchistes et l'organisation, (ed. du Groupe Maurice Joyeux, 1995. 18p).


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