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Jules Jouy, (1855-1897)

Songster, poet, anarchist, pioneer of the social song. Born in Paris April 27, 1855; died May 17, 1897.

After a childhood notable for the Paris Commune & growing up in poverty, Jouy worked a number of trades, but poetry & song proved to be his true calling.

Successful appearances in numerous Montmartre caberets, such as "Tintamarre", "Hydropates" & "Chat noir", encouraged him to continue writing impressive social songs, evoking the misery of the workers world, as well as interpreting & ridiculing celebrities & politicians of the period.

Jules Jouy also collaborated in Vallès' newspaper "Le cri du peuple", regularly contributing the "Song of the Day" over the years.

Unfortunately an obsession with the guillotine & its victims drove him insane & he ended up in an asylum, where he died two years later. See Patrick Biau's recent biography, Jules Jouy, le poète chourineur.

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