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Robert Jospin (1899-1990)

French socialist, pacifist & one-time anarchiste.
Born June 9, 1899; died May 13(?), 1990.

Robert Jospin was a speaker of talent; deeply affected by WWI, he gave many speeches as secretary of the Ligue Internationale des combattants de la paix. Jospin was arrested in 1942 for helping the Resistance.

After meeting Victor Meric & Roger Monclin in the Twenties, he began writing for the anarchist press ("La Patrie Humaine" "Le Réfractaire" "Le Libertaire" etc.) while with the Pacifist Union.

The libertarian scenario writer Bernard Baissat devoted a film (see CIRA, to him just before his death.

Robert Jospin was also the father of the socialist politician, French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin.

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