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OCTAVE JAHN, (1869-1917)


  French anarchist; born February 10, 1869, in Cherbourg, France; died, Mexico City, June 9, 1917.

Octave Jahn founded, with Tortelier & others, the "League of the Anti-Patriots" in 1886.

Jahn began working as a telegrapher at the age of 15 & was involved in the first strike in this sector. When his father threatened him with reform school, he was able to take refuge with the feminist journalist, SÚverine.

He went to Belgium during the French repression, but ended up doing 2-1/2 years in prison for his vehement & revolutionary speeches during a labor strike in May 1897. He emerged, despite numerous trials & several stays in prison over the years, an untiring, much-travelled anarchist propagandist, in France, North Africa, Switzerland, England, Spain, & Mexico, where he finally settled.

Octave Jahn was married to Salud Borras (1878-1954), daughter of the Spanish anarchist Martin Borras, & in Mexico supported Emiliano Zapata during the Mexican Revolution, as well as helping to start a rationalist school on the Ferrer model, writing for the anarchist press, & supplying articles on the Mexican Revolution for Sebastien Faure's "CQFD". Jahn also wrote the song "Les pieds plats" (The Flat Feet).

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Octave Jahn

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