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Eugene Humbert
Eugene Humbert (1870-1944), French libertarian, militant pacifist & néo-Malthusian. Companion of Jeanne Humbert. Born 6 March 1870, in Metz; dies in Amiens, 25 June 1944, during an Allied bombing raid.

Became an anarchist at a young age, influenced by the anarchist ideas of Lapique, his shoemaking master in Nancy. Formed "Liberté" group & issued the bulletin "Le Tire-Pied." These activities got listed in local police files as a "dangerous anarchist."

With Eugène Mariatte founder of the bimonthly for workers "L'Indépendent" in 1891. In 1896, Humbert settled in Paris, where he met Elisée Reclus, Manuel Devaldès, Jean Grave, Sébastien Faure, Miguel Almereyda & Paul Robin; through Robin he became a neo-malthusianist. Administrator of the Ligue de la Régéneration Humaine & director in 1902 of its periodical "Regeneration".

After falling out with Robin, Eugene founded "Génération consciente" 1908-1914.

Eugène Humbert & Jeanne Rigaudin met in 1908 & he asked her to work for Génération Consciente; they became companions & had a daughter, Lucette, in 1913.

Humbert took refuge in 1914 in Barcelona to avoid mobilization during WWI, & Jeanne met up with him there in 1916 & they were active in peace propaganda.

Returning to France in 1919, Eugene was arrested & sentenced May 4, 1921 to prison for evading military service. November 5, 1921, he received another two years prison time, along with Jeanne, & a fine of 3000 francs (each) for spreading birth control propaganda. Both released January 13, 1924, the couple were married.

From 1926 Eugene directed the Librairie du Progrès & in 1931 he founded "La Grande Réforme," organ of the Ligue de Régéneration Humaine, for which both wrote many articles. Jeanne Humbert was general secretary of the Ligue Internationale des Combattants de la Paix (LICP) 1932-1935.

In 1939, with WWII & German occupation, they retired to Lisieux, but Eugene was again imprisoned, for 18 months, for distributing birth control propaganda. While a patient in an Amiens hospital on June 25, 1944, the day before his prison release, Eugene Humbert died during an Allied bombardment.

After the war Jeanne Humbert restarted La Grande Réforme in 1946 & contributed to La Voie de la Paix, La Voix des Femmes, La Rue, Le Monde Libertaire, Contre-Courant, Estudios, Le Réfractaire & other periodicals; held many lectures on peace and on birth control; her publications include 'En pleine vie' 1930, 'Le Pourrissoir' 1932, 'Sous la Cagoule' 1933, 'Eugène Humbert, la vie et l'oeuvre d'un neo-malthusien' 1947 and 'Sébastien Faure, l'homme-l'apôtre-une époque' 1949. & continued his activities.

  • Eugene Humbert is cited in the Daily Bleed 6 March 1870

  • Jeanne Humbert is cited in the Daily Bleed 24 January 1890

  • The International Institute of Social History houses the papers of acquired papers of Eugène & Jeanne Humbert in their 20th Century Archives,

  • Humbert, Eugène

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