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Guillotine Society. (Girochin Sha)
Japanese anarchist direct-action group; founded in 1922

Biographical/historical notes:

Guillotine Society. (Girochin Sha)

Japanese anarchist direct-action group; founded in 1922, it includes Tetsu Nakahama, Daijiro Furuta, Genjirôp Muraki.

  • 1922: Tetsu Nakahama, Daijiro Furuta & others made their mind to be direct-actionists & organized the Guillotine Society.
  • October 1923: Daijiro Furuta & others commit bank rubbery to get funds for the Guillotine Society. They killed a bank clerk. Furuta escaped, but eight members were arrested.
  • September 1924: The Guillotine Society makes two attempts on the life of General Masatarô Fukuda to avenge the murder of Ôsugi Sakae.
    Fukuda, acting on the orders of Hirohito, was in command of the troops who murdered Ôsugi, Ito Noe & their 6-year old nephew, & dumped their bodies in a well.

    In the first attempt one of Ôsugi's old comrades, Kyűtarô Wada, shot Fukuda but succeeded only in wounding him, while in the second, Fukuda's house was bombed, by Genjirôp Muraki & Furuta, but he was not at home at the time.

  • In 1924 Tetsu Nakahama & others attack the president of Kanebo Co. & are arrested.
  • Other members of the Guillotine Society were given long prison sentences & two, Daijirô Furuta & Tetsu Nakahama, were executed for their part in the bank robbery in October 1923.
  • September 10, 1924: Daijirô Furuta is captured in Tôkyô. Tried on September 10, 1925 & is condemned to death. He is hung on October 15, 1925, refusing to appeal. 1926: Nakahama Tetsu (aka Tomioka Makoto?? (???, January 1, 1897 - October 15, 1926), executed for his anti-government acts, including a plan to assassinate Prince Hirohito.
  • 1928: Wada commits suicide while in prison. He had been tried & sentenced to life imprisonment.

    See Furuta, Daijiro, Shikei-shu no omoide (Tokyo : Omori-shobo, 1930) Gumma : Koku sen-sha, 1971. 100 p.

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