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Albert Guigui-Theral

Algerian-born French anarchiste, militant syndicalist & WWII resistance partisan.

Born in Algiers, March 26, 1903; died in Thonex, Switzerland August 5, 1982.

Biographical/historical notes:

Born in Algeria, raised in Paris, Guigui-Theral returned to Algeria in 1918, working as a mechanic. As an activist he was involved in the metal workers' strikes & sent to jail for his anarchist activities.

He returned to Paris in 1922, losing numerous of jobs because of his activites. Following an unfruitful effort to organize a phalanstery in Algeria, he returned to France, joining the "Fédération C.G.T des Métaux", where he fought the influence of the Communist Party.

In 1928, he collaborates in the newspaper "Le Libertaire" until his work takes him to the US. Upon his return to France, he becomes a typesetter's corrector in 1932, & active in "l'Union Départementale CGT de la Région Parisienne". Here, during the Spanish Revolution of 1936, he is in charge of providing assistance to the Spanish syndicalists.

Guigui-Theral is arrested in June 1940, then released, escaping into the "free zone" & joining the anti-Nazi resistance with the famed resistance leader Jean Moulin.

For the "C.G.T clandestine" he works to gain the assistance of General de Gaulle in London, & then in Philadelphia with the O.I.T. (International Labour Organization).

He re-enters Paris with the liberation armies, & in the post-war period is assigned to a post Geneva for the O.I.T.

Source: In French, Ephéméride Anarchiste,

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