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Mikhael Guerdjikov, Bulgarian anarchist
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Mikhael Guerdjikov.

Revolutionist & Bulgarian anarchist born 26 January 1877, died 18 March 1947.

From a well-to-do family, Guerdjikov studied in France with Plovdiv. Guerdjikov came into contact with Spanish anarchist refugees & Bakuninists &, allured by their ideas, formed an anarchist group in his school.

He went to Switzerland in 1897 to continue his studies & was very active politically, initiating the "Cénacle de Genève" & directing the clandestine newspaper "Voix du comité clandestin révolutionnaire macédonien".

Guerdjikov was involved with other libertarians in the movement seeking the liberation of Macedonia (then under Turkish supervision). This included Varban Kilifarskia, with whom he started a number of papers. A gifted speaker & keen libertarian propagandist, in 1907 Guerdjikov started the first Bulgarian anarchist paper, "Free Society" & in 1912 launched another journal, "Le réveil". The name of this journal was adopted, in 1919, by the Anarchist Federation of Bulgaria (FACB) (founded that year).

When the Communists took over in 1944, Guerdjikov refused their overtures. Mikhael Guerdjikov's burial was the last gathering of Bulgarian anarchists for many years.

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