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How well they flew together side by side
the Stars & Stripes my red & white & blue
& my Black Flag the sovereignty of no
man or law!

Paul Goodman,
in Noam Chomsky, For Reasons of State
 Paul Goodman, Cigar


Poet, novelist, anarchist, alternativist writer, bisexual...grew up absurd
Born September 9, 1911 in New York City. Died August 2, 1972.

// -- Small line drawing of Paul Goodman
   Paul Goodman

 Paul Goodman, anarchist

Goodman was a pacifist & anarchist whose beliefs, expressed in prose, poetry, & social criticism, helped shape the doctrine of the New Left of the 1960s.

Committed to personal & sexual freedom, he believed that society's institutions inhibited innate human creativity, caring, & nonviolence.

His writings covered a wide range of topics -- education, city planning, psychotherapy, & literary criticism -- reflecting some of the varied careers he had while continuing to work for social change.

During the Indochina War, Paul Goodman was a staunch supporter of the Resistance to the Draft movement & its participants, & an articulate proponent of a mass-based nonviolent movement against the War.

From pamphlet 10 of the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute Essay Series

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1952(?): "A week later, they were in Hoboken with John Cage, Merce Cunningham, & Paul Goodman watching experimental films to the mournful music of Hudson River foghorns. The evening led to an invitation for Julian to play a bartender in a scene set in a Brooklyn waterfront gay bar, which was shot at the end of February by a drunken Maya Deren." The Living Theatre by John Tytell (Grove Press, 1995), pg 93

// -- Bound Together Mural Color Postcard, "Remembering American Anarchism", from a mural by Susan Greene, includes Paul Goodman (front row). This mural is painted on the side wall of Bound Together Anarchist Collective Bookstore in San Francisco, located at 1369 Haight Street.

Bound Together Mural

// --
Diva Agostinelli attended Temple University, then afterwards went to NYC & joined the Why? magazine group (later renamed Resistance).

Why? was a group that split off from the Vanguard group & included Audrey Goodfriend, David Koven, & later, David Wieck, Diva's lifelong companion.

She worked with this group from 1942 to the mid-50's & met many other people who came in & out of the circle, including John Cage, Paul Goodman, Paul Maddock [Mattick?], anarchist poet Robert Duncan & the African American novelist James Baldwin.

It was at Why?'s weekly meeting, at SIA hall, in NYC, (run by Spanish anarchists) where Baldwin first publicly read parts of Go Tell it on the Mountain.

The first time Diva met Goodman, he was on the floor demonstrating a Riechian orgasm!
Diva Agostinelli, David Koven, Audrey Goodfriend

Diva, David Koven, & Audrey Goodfriend, former members of Why?

Paul Goodman with Pipe
// --

"It is by losing ourselves in inquiry, creation & craft that we become something. Civilization is a continual gift of spirit: inventions, discoveries, insight, art. We are citizens, as Socrates would have said, & we have it available as our own. "

Paul Goodman

by Paul & Percival Goodman

"We propose banning private cars from Manhattan Island. . . .
Present congestion & parking are unworkable, & other proposed
solutions are uneconomic, disruptive, unhealthy, nonurban, or impractical. . . ."

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The State is the Great Forgetter: Rexroth & Goodman as Antecedents of Cultural Ecology, Political Ecology, & the New Cultural Geography, Gregory Knapp, Department of Geography, University of Texas at Austin, Paper presented at the 93d Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Fort Worth, Texas, April 2, 1997.

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Paul Goodman

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