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Manuel González Prada (1844-1918)

Biographical/historical note :

González Prada was a Peruvian poet, literary & social critic, anarchist thinker, & a writer of some renown.

He was born in Lima January 5, 1844, to a family of Spanish nobility, & his reactionary father served as a magistrate & Peruvian Vice-President.

By 1902, following various studies, González Prada was fully committed to anarchist ideals & published various works on the social question & emancipation of the individual, such as Horas de lucha.

He ran the National Library of Peru beginning in 1912, but resigned following the coup d'etat in February 1914.

Several of his collections of poetry were published or translated during his lifetime & many long after his death, July 22, 1918.

Manuel González Prada

"Los despojos sociales nacieron de la violencia mas o menos solapada, y combatirles violentamente, es ejercer el derecho de contestar a la fuerza con la fuerza."

""Les spoliations sociales naissent d'une violence plus où moins sournoise, les combattre violemment, c'est exercer son droit de répondre à la force par la force."

La anarquía, Primera edición: En 1907, en el periódico anarcosindicalista Los Parias, Lima - Perú. Luego se lo incluyó en la antología de sus obras, Anarquía, publicada en 1936 en Chile. Esta edición: Marxists Internet Archive, 2001.

There are many web pages online related to González Prada, but Thomas Ward's Manuel Gonzalez Prada Home Page is an excellent place to start. It includes photos, articles & links to related sites.

A collection of Spanish language links is at Revista Peruana De Filosofia Aplicada

Spanish Wikipedia,

In English, Wikipedia,

In French see Ephéméride anarchiste

See also Joël Delhom, Manuel González Prada et ses sources d'influence, de la philosophie à la politique (1996).

  • Antología de pensamientos, de Gonzalez Prada; Selección y portico de Campio Carpio. [Francia]: Tierra y libertada, 1947. – 87 págs.

    Gonzalez Prada Memorial

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