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Séverin Ferandel (1896-1978)

Anarchist militant, syndicalist. Born April 29, 1896, in Basses-Alpes. Worked as a travel agency interpreter.

In 1923, Séverin Ferandel became administrator of "Libertaire" & in 1924, with his companion Berthe Fabert (& friend of Ascaso), managed a a radical bookstore until, in 1927, he took on responsibilities for the newly organized l'Union Anarchiste Communiste Révolutionnaire.

Ferandel also participated, with Louis Lecoin, in the committee for Sacco & Vanzetti, & worked for gaining asylum for the Spanish anarchists Ascaso, Durruti & Jover.

In 1929 Ferandel left France to settle in Mexico, where he continued to help the Spanish anarchists during the Spanish Revolution & civil war. Severin Ferandel died in Mexico, in 1978.

In French, see Ephéméride anarchiste

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