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Nicolas Faucier; source

Nicolas Faucier. Militant French anarchist, trade unionist & pacifist. Born 30 March 1900 in Orleans; died June 20, 1992.

Nicolas Faucier joined the Navy at 18, but got into trouble (February 1919) for his involvement in solidartity demonstrations for the Black Sea mutineers.

Demobilized in 1921, Faucier worked in automobile factories & was an activist for a time with the CGTU. In 1927, Faucier became an administrator of "Libertaire" & ran the bookshop "La librairie sociale."

With the outbreak of the Spanish Revolution in 1936 he & Louis Lecoin formed the "Comité pour l'Espagne libre," which became, November 1, 1937, the SIA (solidarité internationale antifasciste), sending food, drugs & weapons to the Spanish revolutionists.

In July 1939, Nicolas Faucier was sent to prison for two years for inciting soldiers to disobedience. With the declaration of WWII he & Louis Lecoin helped produce the leaflet "Paix immédiate" (Immediate Peace) & Faucier was again sentenced to prison, October 8, 1939, for inciting insubordination. He was sent to various camps & eventually escaped & remained in hiding until after the war.

On September 1944, Faucier again began working as a proof reader (a trade he began in the 1930s), as well as his union & pacifist activism.

Nicolas Faucier is the author of Dans la mêlée sociale, itinéraire d'un anarcho-syndicaliste (1988); Les ouvriers de St Nazaire; & Pacifisme et antimilitarisme dans l'entre-deux guerres (1983), etc.

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