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Jules Durand
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Jules Gustave Durand

French anarchist, revolutionary trade unionist, secretary of the Le Havre coalmen's union

Biographical/historical notes:

November 25, 1910 -- Jules Gustave Durand sentenced to to death.

Jules Durand was born on September 6, 1880, in Le Havre.

Secretary of the Le Havre coalmen's union, he was initiator of the general strike of August 1910. Durand fell victim to a politico-legal machination following the death of a "jaune" in a brawl, for which he was wrongly blamed, a target of corrupt witnesses & smears by the local press.

Sentenced to death on November 25, on November 28, in a show of solidarity & to fight this injustice, a protest strike was called in Le Havre, which spread internationally to English & American docks.

A further protest, initiated by the League of the Human Rights, finally lead to his release on February 15, 1911.

Unfortunately, by this time he had gone insane from being kept subdued in a strait jacket for 40 days, & he spent the rest of his life in an asylum.

A reopening of his case cleared his name, & Durand was declared completely innocent on June 15, 1918.

Durand poster; source

Jule Durand died on February 20, 1926. He now has both a college & in Le Havre a boulevard named in his honor.

In Paris, one may now stroll down Boulevard Jules Durand.

The Kenneth Fiske Museum has a horn, Upright Alto in Eb of French origin, ca. 1910, stamped: "Jules Durand, Paris".

Durand; source Ephemeride anarchiste

Devant ce fait et devant le rapprochement de l'affaire Durand et de l'affaire Dreyfus, le doute n'est plus possible: Durand fut la malheureuse victime ; ce fut l'exemple même de l'étranglement que le gouvernement voulut opérer sur le syndicalisme. Personne ne pouvait s'y méprendre.

Boulevard Durand

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