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Jean de Boe (1889-1974). Anarchist militant, typographer, trade unionist & cooperativist. Born in Anderlecht, Belgium 20 March 1889; died 2 January 1974.

Condemned as an accomplice to the Bonnot Gang, in February 1913, to 10 years hard labor in French Guiana. Escaped & returned to Belgium in 1922, where he was active in several strikes & he founded a graphic arts co-operative.

When the L'Anarchie," "Réveil de Genève"), plus numerous books & booklets (Un siècle de luttes syndicales; La révolution en Espagne; Propos subversifs, etc.)

For the Bonnot Gang, see:

The Daily Bleed also has the following entry pertaining to de Boe:

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2/27/1913 -- France: After 25 days of deliberations, the Paris trial of the Bonnot Gang concludes & sentencing follows: Raymond Callemin, Eugene Dieudonne, Andre Soudy, & Monier, are condemned to death; Paul Metge & Edouard Carouy get life without parole (Carouy commits suicide tomorrow, in his cell). Their accused accomplices: Jean de Boe: 10 years forced labor; Gauzy: 18 months prison; Kibaltchiche (aka, Victor Serge, editor of "L'Anarchie"): 5 years prison. Seule Rirette Maitrejean is freed. Louis Rimbault, sentenced to prison, fakes mental illness & gains his release. Eugene Dieudonne's death sentence was commuted to life. After several escapes, & following a campaign for his release headed by Albert London, he was pardoned in 1925.

See Richard Parry's The Bonnot Gang, (Rebel Press) which punctures the romanticism of "illegality" & individual armed struggle. He sees the Bonnot Gang as a temporary coalition of individualist anarchists drawn together by the anarchist individualist weekly "L'Anarchie" & criminals who donned the cloak of anarchism in their search for a convenient philosophical excuse for their actions -- without support of the populace or the rest of the anarchist movement.

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