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Achille Daude

French anarchist, trade union activist, &, especially, advocate of cooperatives.
Born 15 December 1870 in Bancel, Gard; died 3 April 1963.

After a beginning in journalism, Achille Daude became a pharmacist, & joined the "l'homme libre" group in Montpellier.

After meeting with Charles Gide his activities were then dedicated primarily towards the development of the cooperative movement in France. Indeed, Daude even sold his pharmacy to contribute to the creation of consumer co-ops.

Meanwhile he continued to collaborate with the libertarian press as well as with Sebastian Faure's Anarchist Encyclopaedia.

Achille Daude wrote numerous works on cooperatism, as well as others on food & social questions: Le coopératisme devant les écoles sociale (1897); Pain riche ou pain appauvri (1916); Une coopérative de consommation, etc.


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