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Todor Darzev

Bulgaria: In Yambol, during an anarchist protest against the governments decision to disarm the people, the army shoots into the crowd, wounding the speaker Atanas Stoitchev & massacre others. About 30 are murdered here, including others executed at the Yambol barracks tomorrow. Among them:

  • Todor Darzev, born in 1880, great figure of the revolutionary movement, speaker & anarchist propagandist, enjoying a prestigious figure among the working class.
  • Pani Botchkov, shoe-maker, secretary of the local anarchist group.
  • Dimitar Vassilev, born in 1897, underground, anti-military activist.
  • Cyrille Kehaiov, Spiro Obretenov, Pétar Kassapina, Rousko Nanine, Pétar Glavtchev, etc.
With the military coup d'etat on 9 June 1923, other activists will be forced underground.
On April 24, 1923 in Sliven (Bulgaria), the anarchists Nicolai Dragnev, the brothers Panayot & Ilia Kratounkov are all shot by the army under the pretext of an "escape attempt."

Nicolai Dragnev, born in Yambol, was one of the significant figures of Bulgarian anarchism. Propagandist & esteemed popular speaker, he was not a part in the March 26 protest, & failed to hide after the repression. This costs him his life.

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